Sunset Golf Course is

"A LIttle Piece of the Everglades"

right in the center of Hollywood. 

(Stormwater Management)
The PDF below provides the documentation for "taking" the property by eminent domain and making it part of Hollywood's stormwater management system.  The presentation was given to all Commissioners and key senior staff in February of 2015.

All the photos below are were birds

at Sunset Golf Course.

They disappeared along with the turtles shortly after these pictures were posted. 

Wood Stork Video at Sunset 2/14/2014 

Where else in the middle of Urban Southeast Florida can you watch these amazing endangered birds?

Above:  Great Blue Heron; Left column from top to bottom: Wood Stork, Great Egret, Great Egret and Great Blue Heron, Anhinga with turtles, BABY Anhinga, Green Heron.
See what a Green Heron looks like close up at this site... What a pretty little bird.